Suzhou Litto Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a set of electric forklift trucks, truck, tractor, tank cars and other production research and development as one of the professional material handling equipment enterprises, products include electric truck, electric forklift trucks, electric drum handling turnover vehicle, car platform, electric tractor, lifts and customized special specifications the requirements of non-standard products. In addition, we will also provide the consumer with a full machine rental, spare parts supply and after-sales service.

The production plant is built in 1998, and the forklift factory area covers an area of eighty thousand square meters. It is one of the earliest manufacturers specializing in hydraulic storage and handling tools in China to obtain the national special production equipment license.
We have advanced CNC processing center, digital plate cutting machine, professional paint spraying line and so on, to provide professional guarantee for the quality of the products. A large number of funds have been invested in the CAMPRO electric hydraulic transmission system development and production company. We have designed and produced a full range of electric hydraulic truck lift equipment, providing perfect technical support and support for our warehouse handling equipment. At the same time, the company also focuses on the development and development of the new products, and develops a series of new high-tech products, such as vehicle shifter, glass transporter, agricultural aerial work picking platform, etc., to make up for the domestic market gap, combined with its more than 10 years experience in the manufacture of electric forklift.
We have established a long-term business cooperation relationship with many famous foreign enterprises. In addition to providing standard products, the company can design and produce special equipment or licensed processing according to customer requirements, and can also provide customers with a full range of accessories and corresponding technical support.
Looking forward to the future, we are willing to work hand in hand with domestic and foreign businessmen and partners to create a better future.